Across the Pond – an English Premier League Podcast

Thanks to my father, I've been a Premier League fan since birth. But over the last few years I've turned my English football obsession into something more than just consuming beer and trash-talking.









There's a significant growth in interest in Premier League football amongst Americans. Look at NBC's TV deal with the Premier League


With this huge opportunity looming, three friends and I set sail to create an English Premier League podcast for Americans. Our goal: To offer a fresh perspective on the Premier League all the way from across the pond.

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Here's what we sound like:

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But we didn't stop there. After establishing an audio presence in the community, we expanded our product by providing Premier League news and opinion on our responsive platform. We're focused on becoming a one-stop shop for all flavors of Premier League supporters.

Creative Direction: Chris Bowerbank

Production: Chris Bowerbank

Hosts: Chris Bowerbank, Jacob C., Miles J., and Sheyi D.

Website UX and Design: Chris Bowerbank