Cheerwine, founded in 1917, is a family-owned soda that has survived the test of time. Labelled a Legend of the South by superfans of all ages, that label was subsequently adopted by the brand.

With a goal of having Cheerwine in all 50 states by 2017—their centennial year—the brand wanted to build a platform that spreads cheer amongst new adopters and superfans alike. 






National Treasure

Our team spent months developing National Treasure, a cross-medium campaign platform that puts Cheerwine in the driver's seat to spread cheer nationwide, adopt new tasters, and truly resonate amongst a notoriously occupied millennial audience.

We created a self-appointed brand guardian and living representation of Cheerwine's mission and values not only to spread the brand's mantra, but to physically act as the face for the legendary soda. Leveraging this brand guardian and a combination of field-marketing, social, digital, video and packaging tactics, we built a narrative that's designed to last for years. 

Unfortunately, our work stopped after the brand cut ties with my team and per negotiations, they own all of our concepts. Cheerwine and other entities continue to execute National Treasure but not in the way we dreamt/envisioned it.

Please contact me for more information on this campaign.


Project Management: Chris Bowerbank

Ideation: Thom W.

Copy: Thom W., Noah B., and Matt B.

Art Direction: Josh S. and Thom W.

Creative Direction: Robin A.