myFab5 is a startup I co-founded in Ann Arbor, MI with fellow University of Michigan students.


The Problem

It's difficult to find a great, nearby restaurant or business on short notice.


Our Solution

Revolutionize the way online-reviews are conducted, shared and processed. Eliminate the arbitrary 5-star rating. Make the experience fun and social—not therapeutic.










Word-of-mouth recommendations are powerful; People trust their friends.










MyFab5 strives to leverage and wield social recommendations in hopes to match people with the best restaurants, businesses and services out there — not to be confused with the complain tank that currently leads this market. 

TenderLateIndianringneckparakeet (1)TenderLateIndianringneckparakeet (1)

With a team of designers, developers and strategists, we built platforms that set a foundation for the existing web and mobile app now available in the App Store.

CarefreeFlamboyantKiskadee (3)CarefreeFlamboyantKiskadee (3)

myFab5 now integrates Instagram and has fully launched in over 25 U.S. cities. I still serve as a creative consultant and a minority shareholder.

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